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The Lord's Prayer
Our father, Who art in Heaven,
hallowed be Thy name,
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespasses against us.
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.


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This Is My Ride

TheManForLadiesOnly@hotmail.com Yahoo-
TheManForLadiesOnly@yahoo.com (If you are going to e-mail then e-mail me at CurtisPayne303@aol.com cuz thatis the one`s I go to the most).

Something I Have Wanted To Tell Someone
When I first seen you I hoped that you would be mine. I could only wish to be with such a beautiful person that god has made. From your eyes to your lips, I just cant not say how much I love them. People have hurt me in the past but they say that the past is the past and when I look at you or even think of you I know that what people say is true.I have a lot of love for you and I hope that that love willnever die like the old. I hope that you are the right one for me because I think you are and one day I would love to get even closer to you, but until that day I will still have love for you. I just want you to know that I have a lot of love inside off my heart and that you and you only have the key to it. There is one more thing that I have to say baby and that is that I will never try to hurt you in anyway. I will try to be there every time that you need me. I willtry to help out on things that you need it on and I will have your back until the end. The biggest thing I have to have is that you know how some guys hit on there woman and don`t care, well I do and I will never ever lay a hand on you no matter how mad I get at you or something I will never do that. I have only hit one female in my life and that was because she hit me I my nuts and that hurt like.(words can not say it).......... All I know is that I can only show you so I will start and never try to stop." I hope that this is helping you with anything that has happen since I can not talk to your sweet voice and your beautiful self. BY, Me

Tiger say'z

Whad up,
My name is Curtis A.K.A Tiger. I am 5`9" ,black hair, brown eyes, 145lbs, Birthday 10/5/85, I am black and white(mom white, dad black), I just moved from Kansas City, Mo and now livin it up in Denver, Co. I like kids,I like to shop,go to the mall, and I like to hang out with the homies,and chill wit my home girlz. I love to workout, play Football & basketball, go bowling, shoot pool, go to the movies, and just all out have fun in any situation i`m in.I LIVE FOR TODAY, THE MOMENT, OR THE PRESENT,BECAUSE TOMMORROW IS NEVER PROMISED. I DO WHAT I FEEL.

First I will tell you, that if you do not have a picture then you will not get a reply , I would likefor a womanto be (18-24), physically, to be pretty, cute, beautiful, natural, pretty eyes, hair, and skin. I also like for womanto be in shape or have a nice body.(slim waist, nice legs, smooth skin) and personality wise, I like for a woman to be nice, sexy, funny, opinionated, aggressive/passive at times, you can make me happy, and keep it real at the same time, and I will make sure to be the man that you will be happy to take home to mom.

I would say yes but you will really never know until you find out fo ya self so I will leave it like that aiight.

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My Favorite Poem
It`s Not Who Live Here

but who died here;
and it`s not when
but how;
it`s not
the known great
but the great who died unknown;
it`s not
the history
of countries
but the lives of men.
fables are dreams,
not lies
truth changes
men change,
and when truth become`s stable
become dead
the insect
and the fire and
the flood
will become
By, Unknown

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